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How to install Xubuntu interface on Ubuntu 14.04

Hi Friends,

I was updating my laptop with ubuntu’s variant Xubuntu. I felt to share that it worth to try this variant. It is faster and lightweight version of Ubuntu. It works fine on old computers as well.

Steps to install Xubuntu on Ubuntu

1. Press Ctrl+Alt+T to open terminal window

2. Type the following command in terminal window

sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop

and press enter.

3. Linux will ask you to input the password for administrator, please enter your password

4. It will install a lot of packages and prompt you to install? Press “Y” for yes to install.


5. It will start installing the packages. It will take time. After installation please logout and login again. On the login screen please click  Ubuntu logo Ubuntu Logo On Login Screen to see the options it is on the right top side of login dialogue box and then select Xubuntu to login in Xubuntu session.

Select Xubuntu session
Select Xubuntu session Pic

6. Now select user name and password to login and you will be in Xubuntu environment.


It is pretty cool and looks like OS X.

Xubuntu Desktop
Xubuntu Desktop



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